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Zhuhai Kairui Biotech, Ltd

Zhuhai Kairui Biotech, Ltd has focused its activity on researching, developing, and manufacturing serum-free media for mammalian cell cultures. By working closely with scientists in the field, we optimized our products to meetcustomers’demands and continuously introduced new productsinto the market. Now, the company has an expanded list of cell culture media and related productsfor various applications in the field ofrecombinant protein production, vaccine manufacturing, primary cell culture research, stem cell and immune cell therapeutic applicationsetc.Since its operation starting from 2014, Zhuhai Kairui has quickly become the leading company in serum-free cell culture technologies in China.


Dr. Ronghao Li, President

Dr. Li is well-known for his contributionindeveloping serum-free cell culture methods for many different types of mammalian cells. He has become an expert in mammalian process development for recombinant protein manufacturing including therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and other type of protein molecules when working in Genentech’s process development department. After his career in Genentech he has worked for several other companies for drug discovery research and product development.Most recently he severed as VP atHengruiPharmaceticalsto lead the effort for large molecule drug discovery before founding Zhuhai Kairui Biotech.

Mr. John Wu,CEO

Mr. Wu has been working for Pfizer and Amgen for many years before joining Drs. Li and Mather to found Zhuhai Kairui Biotech. He has a Master of Science degree in pharmacology and served as pharmacologist in many drugs discovery projects. During his research he has accumulated intense experience in cell culture techniques and their applications in both small and large molecule drug discovery. He is also experienced in applications of other technologies such as metabonomic and transcriptional regulations in drug discovery research.

Dr. Jennie Mather, Chief Scientific Advisor

Dr. Mather was one of the pioneers in serum-free cell culture technologies. She had worked with Dr. Gordon Sato in UCSD late 1970s to develop serum-free culture techniques for biomedical research, and soon became the leading expert of this field. She has published the world’s first serum-free cell culture methodology book and gave the first serum-free cell culture laboratory workshop training in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, both in early 1980s after she became a faculty member of Rockefeller University. In 1984 Dr. Mather joined Genentech and applied her serum-free culture skills to help develop manufacturing process of Genentech’s first 10 recombinant protein drugs. Before Joining Dr. Li and Mr. Wu to found Zhuhai Kairui, Dr. Mather founded Raven Biotechnologies, Inc. which was later acquired by MacroGenics in 2008.


Zhuhai Kairui are thrilled to help customers succeed in adapting or improving serum-free cell culture technology for specific applications. We provide both service and products to satisfy every single customers. Each service is specifically designed based on the customer’s need, and is satisfaction guaranteed. We develop and make the media with our own formula, and make sure there’s no risk of use by our customers for both basic research and commercial products manufacturing.

Serum-free media for antibodies, proteins and vaccine product production:

• CHO cells

• 293 cells

• Hybridoma cells

• MDCKcells

• Other types of cells

Serum-free media and service for primary cells, stem cells and immune cells applications:

• Serum-free media for culturing specific primary cells

• Stem cells serum-free culture media and optimization

• Immune cell culture media design and optimization

• Serum-free culture strategy design for therapeutic applications

Media optimization service for:

• Improving protein expression level

• Improving Vaccine production level

• Improving Virus production level

• Serum-free culture adaptation

• Special media design


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